Case Study

Two Maids & A Mop Franchise Opportunities


Jaime Kulaga, Two Maids & A Mop of Tampa


  • High employee turnover cost time and money and threatened to compromise service delivery
  • Acquiring new clients was inefficient and costly
  • Owner wanted to build the business, but felt stuck managing day-to-day operations

“I wanted solutions,” says Kulaga, “I was looking for solutions. But those solutions take time and money that a small business doesn’t have.”

Two Maids & A Mop franchise provides a fair compensation plan that ensures employee performance; hiring systems that improve the quality of applicant pool and new hires; and a focused marketing strategy that automates new client acquisition and referrals.


  • Monthly revenues increased 500%
  • Quadrupled number of recurring clients
  • Attracted and hired better employees
  • Reduced staff turnover

“The SEO completely flipped the company. For the two years I ran Collegiate Cleaning, my goal had been to acquire 30 recurring clients. Within 90 days of becoming Two Maids, we had 55 recurring clients — and that doesn’t include all the other stuff we’re doing.”

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Tampa Cleaning Business Increases Revenues by 500% & Reduces Employee Turnover with TWO MAIDS & A MOP™ Franchise

When Jaime Kulaga and her partners launched Collegiate Cleaning of Tampa, they planned
a big future for their company.

Struggling with Industry Challenges

Like other cleaning businesses, Collegiate Cleaning struggled with marketing, compensation, and employee turnover.

“I didn’t have the systems in place,” says Kulaga. “I was focused on making the schedule, getting the crew out, and keeping the clients happy. I wanted to do more, but I was stuck inside the daily business cycle.”

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Finding the Solution

“When I met Ron, I knew franchising was something I would consider,” says Kulaga. “Always before, I resisted the idea — because Collegiate Cleaning was mine. It was small and it was a struggle, but it was mine.”

After talking to Holt, however, Kulaga had a change of heart. Impressed by Holt’s passion and knowledge, she said ‘yes’ to the franchise. “I’m taking the systems and policies — but Two Maids Tampa is still my business. And it’s better for my family, better for my stress level, and better for my clients.”

Systems for Success

Two Maids & A Mop offered innovative systems for marketing, hiring, and employee compensation — three of Kulaga’s biggest frustrations. Two Maids uses effective, low-cost Internet marketing methods that automate much of the process. And Two Maids provides franchisees with a hiring system and a Pay for Performance compensation plan that improves employee performance and reduces turnover.

“I was doing all this extra legwork, and it’s just amazing that all this weight has been lifted off of me,” explains Kulaga. “Because now there are systems and procedures in place, and everything’s running smoothly. I have the internet doing its thing in the background for me. It’s finally one or two jobs that I’m doing, instead of feeling like I’m holding every position in a major company.”

Challenges to Implementation

Kulaga found that Two Maids & A Mop went above and beyond to help improve her leverage with third-party providers. When a search for affordable employee leasing elicited sky-high quotes, Two Maids took matters into their own hands. “They kept pushing to get a rate that was acceptable to us and comparable to what they pay as a larger entity,” says Kulaga. “I really appreciate that they’ll fight for us.”

Six Weeks to a Total Turnaround

Kulaga’s revenues have exploded. “We were doing maybe $1000 a week when we merged, and then we started seeing $2000 and $3000 weeks. Which was great. But then the marketing formula started working, and suddenly we were doing four, five, six thousand. We’re less than 90 days into the transition, and this month we’re projected for $20,000. I never anticipated so much growth so quickly.”

Keeping Up With Hiring

Fortunately, with Two Maids’ sourcing and hiring methodology behind her, Kulaga was able to build a strong team. “I’ve found awesome people who have stuck with us. They’re efficient and motivated and they want to work.” Even better, Kulaga is now confident that she’ll be able to maintain client satisfaction. “We need to hire a few more people, but it’s not the end of the world like it used to be.”

Tapping Into Industry Expertise

Kulaga was thrilled by the rapid increase in revenues. But she’s been just as pleased by the industry knowledge and research that Two Maids & A Mop brings to the table. “Ron’s been doing this for 11 years,” she says, “and he has a perspective on the industry that I just can’t match.”

Building On Success

Her business has already surpassed expectations for the Tampa location. But Kulaga’s not ready to relax. She finally has the time and resources to build the business she and her partners have dreamed of. In fact, they’re already considering franchises in additional cities. “This is why you want to merge and why you’re relieved to join a company like Two Maids & A Mop,” says Kulaga. “I’m so excited, and I’m looking toward our next big goal.”

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